By Taylor Mac
Directed by Patrick Jordan
May 11-26, 2018

The classic dysfunctional family drama has just crashed through into a wholly original place. Meet Paige, a wife and mother liberated from an oppressive and abusive marriage; Max, her newly out transgender teen; and Isaac, Max’s PTSD-addled older brother, who discovers a brand new war zone when he comes home from Afghanistan. Hir’s crusade to shake up the patriarchy is disarmingly funny, absurd, and surprising as it looks at an American family forced to build a new world out of the pieces of the old.

Runtime: Approximately two hours, including an intermission.

Thanks to all who helped make this production a success!


Audacious and uproarious […] What is remarkable about ‘Hir’ is not its woolly, dark vision of an American family run amok, but the flawed and real humanity that simmers beneath all the surreal comedy.
— The New York Times


Helena Ruoti
Douglas Rees
Tad Cooley
Liam Ezra Dickinson 

creative team

Taylor Mac (playwright)
Patrick Jordan (director)
Angela Vesco (costume)
Andrew David Ostrowski (lighting)
Carolyn Slothour (sound)
Randy Kovitz (fight direction)